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Monday, May 16, 2011

1957 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

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"Body: Dated 7/57, was refinished two-tone sunburst. The refinish was either done some time ago or was slightly reliced. The guitar was autographed by Gary Busey (of Buddy Holly Story fame) with the words “Rave on” and “Guitar Hall of Fame.” We removed his inscription. There are no body routes.

Neck: Dated either 5 or 8 of 1957 (smudged). It has been refretted with correct size frets and there is overspray on the fretboard only. The neck measures 1 9/16” at the nut.

Decal: Original but the word Stratocaster was added at a later time.

Tuning Machines: Double ring Klusons, circa 1965. No enlargement of the holes.

Pickguard: Reproduction

Electronics: Pot dates are 9th week of 1976 for the two tones, volume pot is unreadable. Replaced capacitor, 3 rewound (by Lindy Fralin) correct time period pickups, 2 changed pickup grommets (others original). 3-way switch is original, wire looks newer.

Pickups measure (at the pickups): Neck: 5.88 k ohms, Middle 5.87 k ohms, Bridge 6.16 k ohms

Knobs are original

Bridge and trem block are original, however, the hole for the trem arm has been enlarged

Serial Number plate is for a 1958…Serial# 309XX

The guitar weighs in at 7lbs 6.6 oz and ships in a gig bag."

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