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Monday, June 13, 2011

Vintage Warwick Buzzard Bass Guitar "John Entwistle"

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"The Ox and the Buzzard: The Early History

Hans Peter Wilfer, the founder of Warwick basses, was approached by John Entwistle to create a special bass for him in 1985. John had some very unique ideas as to how the bass should look and play, so he sat down with Hans Peter and the two of them sketched out the design that the world knows today. Hans Peter came up with the idea of the distinctive "hand grip" on the lower horn, the stylized headstock and many other design specifics that make the Buzzard such a wonderfully unique bass. Then, after the basic body shape was agreed upon, Hans Peter and John sat in a London nightclub called Maggie's and decided to name the bass the Buzzard. In all honesty, Hans Peter says that many drinks were consumed that night and he cannot remember exactly who thought of the name the Buzzard, but he thinks it was John's idea. In the days that followed, Hans Peter then made a few prototypes for John to play and critique, and the design was further polished. It was after the duo decided on the name Buzzard, that the headstock was changed to more closely resemble the beak of said bird. The volume control was located near the upper or little wing. Only the first 20 had the Entwistle trademark forward master volume knob with top mounted jack. Going downward to the next knob is the fader (balance) with center detent, followed by the EQ knob. In later models, this particular knob became a stacked 2 band EQ. It has been reported that Warwick produced about 100 original Buzzards of which this is one of!

You can hear this Bass being played at the one gig it was used at the following link:"

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