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Friday, October 14, 2011

1952 Fender Precision Bass

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1952 Fender Precsion Bass featuring slab body, maple neck and original parts and hardware.

This rare, Vintage Precision Bass features original pickup, bridge, covers, neck plate, tuners (all slotted screws), control plate, strap buttons, string and tuner ferrules, and almost all screws and other hardware. The body and neck have been expertly refinished in Nitrocellulose Lacquer by Fiesta Finishes using the same materials and techniques as Fender did back in 1952. The pots are from 1966 and the pick guard has been replaced with an authentic, lacquered, bakelite piece.

Virtually every screw on the bass is original, and the neck features the rare, early slotted truss nut. Both pickup and bridge covers are original and the bridge cover retains its original foam which is still pliable. The rare and correct #5 control plate, and cover screws are still on the bass. Remarkably, despite the neck refinish, the frets are original and show almost no wear as the bass has always had flat wound strings fitted. The bridge plate is original, however the old fiber saddles have been replaced with steel saddles, which are more reliable and sound better.

The body was signed by Eddie Miller on 12-8-52, and the neck was signed by Tadeo Gomez on 12-19-52. The serial number is a very early 1077. The original pickup features original windings and is in perfect condition with a strong, healthy reading of 6.8K Ohms.

The wood on the bass is stunning. The super light Swamp Ash body features striking grain visible through the translucent blonde finish, and the neck features some darker grain variation that is also striking. The bass is exceptionally light for an early plank bass at just 8.5 lbs. without covers. The bass is amazingly resonant, and despite being refinished, is one of the finest plank basses I have ever seen, considering the look, the sound, and the feel of the neck. The sound is fantastic, and it certainly possesses the big thump that can only be achieved with single coil, plank Fender Bass guitars."

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