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Monday, November 21, 2011

1958 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This one is a 1958 Fender Stratocaster in a sunburst finish, serial number 292XX and it has a story.

Here’s the story. This 51 year old is precisely one of those beautiful all original guitars that makes you say, “why, why, why did they do that?” Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer. We got this as part of a large collection and apparently one of the previous owners thought it would be a cool idea to modify the headstock (see photo). As you can imagine, this baby plays and sounds awesome.

This Strat has a body date of 3/58 and a neck date of 9/58. The neck is straight and the original tuners and truss rod work as intended. The frets are original and have plenty of play wear left in them. The electronics in this ’58 are beautiful. The solder is untouched. The three potentiometers are all date coded the 39th week of 1958. The three great sounding pickups read 5.89 k ohms for the neck pickup, 5.75 k ohms for the middle pickup, and 5.65 k ohms for the bridge pickup, all measured at the output jack. The correct 3 position pickup selector switch works great and the original white single ply pick guard is in excellent condition. There is no tremolo cavity cover or ashtray.

The finish on this Stratocaster is all original as well and is in very nice condition. There are some scratches on the body but nothing major. The back does have some buckle rash. The neck has some wear but also nothing major. The decal on the headstock is original but has seen better days (see photo) and of course there are the filled (with wood putty) 1/8th” deep holes in the headstock."

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