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Monday, November 21, 2011

1961 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This particular guitar was previously owned by Vern Juran. Vern wrote the book, “Pick the Right Guitar.” This guitar is pictured on the cover of it, as well as inside the book. In the book Mr. Juran states that the guitar was played and signed by Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1990 at one of his concerts. Unfortunately, the autograph has faded into oblivion. A signed (by Vern Juran) letter of authenticity, a ticket stub from the SRV concert, and a copy of the book are included with the sale.

The guitar is all original. The tuners and truss rod work as intended. It has a wonderfully shaped slab board neck with “clay” dots that just plays like butter. The original frets have some play wear put there’s plenty of meat left. The neck is dated 12/60… hence Mr. Juran dated the guitar as a 1960 in his book. The body, however is dated 4/61 and the potentiometer codes are dated midway through 1961…so it’s certainly a ‘61.

The body is in nice shape and the front of the guitar has the tell-tale one inch scrape to the left of the bridge that is easily recognizable in the Vern Juran photos. The finish on the back of the body shows more wear than the front.

The “green guard” is in great shape…no cracks. The potentiometer codes read the 21st week of 1961 for one, and the 23rd week of 1961 for the other two pots. The solder is untouched and the three pickups measure 6.38 k ohms for the bridge, 5.91 k ohms for the middle pickup, and 6.53 k ohms for the neck pickup, all measured at the output jack. The guitar will ship in a brown tolex case that has had its inside modified. The accessory compartment is missing and there is a small neck support that has been added.

The guitar weighs in at a scant 7 lbs even..."

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