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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fender Custom Shop Chris Fleming Hannya Telecaster

via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This is the '04 Fender Custom Shop Fleming Hannya Telecaster. 25.5" scale. 1.69" nut width. Serial #: CF325. 8 lbs. Chris Fleming is a master luthier in Fender's Custom Shop. Usually cutting edge, and always something special, his pieces are celebrated by collectors and player alike. Joe Wood is a professional artist/musician- former lead singer for TSOL. When these two guys get together on a project, the results are jaw dropping. You have the tone and build quality of a master builder & the aesthetics of a professional artist- the best of both worlds. The Hannya Tele plays and sounds like a dream. With the dual Custom Shop 50's Tele pickups, this beauty is capable of vintage classic tones as well as modern twang. The neck features a chunky U profile, about 1" thick in the center, for a great, solid feel. The bigger neck also adds great tone transfer resulting in an incredibly resonant instrument. A couple of seconds with this ax and you'll know you are holding a Fleming creation. The guitar was handpainted head to toe by Wood. The Hannya Mask and water on the front and the fire on the fingerboard- wrapping around the rest of the guitar were inspired by one of his personal tattoos. As you can see from the pictures, this is just stunning..."

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