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Thursday, January 12, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"SWEET 100% original 1968 or very early 69 Les Paul Custom, s/n 534487. This guitar is in excellent ++ condition with no mods, repairs, changed parts etc, EVER. The pots are the rare side dated versions, and date to the 32nd week of 68. This is the most desired version, with the dotted "i" in the Gibson logo, the 1 piece mahogany neck with the LONG neck tenon, and the one piece (non pancake) mahogany body with the deep dish carved maple top! The guitar plays and sounds incredible, and weighs in at 9.6 LBS on my digital shipping scale!! The 100% original black lacquer is in stunning condition, with the only real damage being a chip out of the top corner of the headstock (see close up pic) which is little more than the thickness of the finish deep. This guitar plays absolutely amazing, and it sounds incredible, there is no comparison to this and the recent Custom Shop versions, this thing will destroy them! This is a killer guitar! The guitar comes shipped in its nice original hard case..."

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