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Thursday, January 12, 2012


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"This baby is the real deal. When this axe was made, the PRS factory was barely a year old - and this was THE model. The Custom 22 wasn't released for some time to come, and if you were calling Paul on the phone to order your gorgeous brand new beauty, this is the guitar you had coming. The wood is top notch, the construction is beyond precise, and the originality of this example is spot on, right down to the ever coveted, often replaced, and never duplicated, PRS Sweet Switch! The neck is of the super fast wide-thin profile, and the fretboard is so consistent and smooth that it truly feels effortless to play. Around this time period, PRS had some trouble with their Phase I locking tuners and issued a recall. These tuners ARE the replacement ones provided by PRS. Included in the sale of this custom is the original recall notice which is hand signed by Paul Reed Smith himself. Very cool!
Overall Condition
This is NOT your everyday run of the mill guitar... It's an endangered species, having lived through the Chernobyl disaster AND Geraldo's discovery of an empty gangster's vault TV special! Buckle rash is somewhere between minimal and non-existent, and the back of the neck is as smooth as can be. The frets have years and years left in them, and the electronics are smooth, loud, and proud with no crackle or buzz. There is a small mystery impression on the back of the headstock, which can be seen in the photos. Nothing to cry over. Collectors have no fear! This was number 1079 off the PRS assembly line, and given the stunning condition of the Vintage Yellow flamed maple 10 top, and originality completely intact, we don't plan on seeing this one around for very long. Look around for yourself. You may find a few of these pop up every few months, but how many are left in such cherry condition? Will it have a sweet switch and all the original solder joints intact? What about a 10 Top in the rare Vintage Yellow PRS finish? The Blue Book for Electric Guitars estimates that the value is increased by 50 - 65% more for this feature alone!

No one could have predicted how PRS would have turned the electric guitar world upside down 26 years ago! Back then, they were just some new guy's guitars and many of the early models we're played, traded, gigged, and forgotten about over the years. Leaving us with just a few cherished gems begging to be played, even if for only a little while before they are displayed proudly along side other equally valuable and sentimental guitars. This guitar is sure to become one of your featured pieces and/ or go-to road axe and will no doubt appreciate in value for years to come. Take advantage of the economy and pick this guitar up while you can at this price. Who know's how much she will be worth next year?

The following features attribute to the classic and warm sound of this stunning instrument:

Mahogany Body and Set Neck
Flamed Maple Vintage Yellow '10 top'
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
25" Scale Length
Abalone and Mother of Pearl Half Moon Inlays
PRS Tremolo and original Arm
Pickups - 2 Original PRS Bass & Treble Humbuckers w/ Sweet Switch!
PRS/ Schaller Phase I Locking tuners
Original hard shell case"

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