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Monday, January 30, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"Here is a very nice Vintage 1961 Fender Sunburst Jazz Bass in excellent condition except for having replacement pickups installed sometime in the distant past. Classic stack pole configuration and this guitar just sounds and plays great with wonderful tone and great vibe all around. There's a reason that these 61 Fullerton finds are so highly prized by those in the know - just a perfect storm of brilliant design, incredible materials, impeccable execution, and right place at the right time with many of the most classic of early rock, R&B, and jazz bass players weilding these babies to incredible effect!

As you know, the finish on these older guys is so very fragile that they tend to relic out pretty quickly but this one looks great on the top with the requisite patch on the back where either buckle or button wore her down real smooth. Same with the neck back where a silky smooth wood patch feels warm and great in the hand. Great news is that the Brazilian clay dot fretboard and frets are in excellent shape with little wear and she plays like butter up and down the neck.

Excepting the pickups (possibly 79s DiMarzios), everything authenticates perfectly with the original dampers, bridge and pickup covers, stack pole pots, neck date, and all the rest."

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