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Monday, February 6, 2012

1958 Rickenbacker vintage guitar - Beatles in Hamburg!

via this auction where you'll find more pics. seller on eBay

"This is what many collectors regard as one of the most highly collectable Rickenbackers ever made, the model (Combo 850) is a very rare guitar with only a few still in existence.

This guitar was made in 1958, the same year as john lennon's original Rickenbacker, in-fact this guitar was made from the same jig and would have more than likely been made by the same man who made john lennons model, Roger Rossmeisl !

The Combo 850 was the first Rickenbacker to feature the sharp double cutaway that was then used later on it's little brother guitar the 325. Rickenbacker made 8 325's in natural in 1958 but only made 3 natural Combo 850 models so very few were ever made, and many Rickenbacker fans have long been calling for Rickenbacker to reissue this model.

The Serial number is 85C-8185 and it is a full scale neck guitar unlike the 325.

The guitar is all original in every way, it is in incredible condition for 54 years old and has a truly beautiful patina, it has the amazing sounding combination of the horseshoe pick up and the toaster, with gold guards, and sta rite tuners. the guitar has 9 different tones via it's pick up settings and produces some amazing sounds! from very treble high thin sounds that are great for rock n roll to thick creamy tones that are better for blues the guitar also comes with it's original hard silver case, original strings, Beatles in Hamburg book, several other Rickenbacker books, original hang tag, original accessories brochure, original star club pin (given to band members who played at the star club) and rickenbacker strap.. I am also including my Futurama amplifier from 1962.
It is mint with its original cover, it has an amazing sound with the rickenbacker lots of natural gain and distorts when turned up, also the head can disconnect from the cab so to protect the valves at high volume, if you do not want the amp I will discount by $500

The guitar is registered in the Rickenbacker register and can be verified by any expert.

Please scroll down for images, there is a picture of jean toots thielmans, the man that switched John Lennon on to Rickenbacker, at a 1958 trade show and behind him is quite possibly this actual Combo 850 as so few were made in 1958 and below that to the left John Lennons 1958 325. ( considerd the worlds most valuable guitar)"

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