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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fender Vintage 1955 Precision Bass Guitar

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"The year was 1955, BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS newly released, ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK, quickly shot to number one on the music charts and became the record that will forever be known as giving birth to Rock and Roll.

Leo Fender was also poised to make music history with his revolutionary electric guitars. What is truly amazing is that Leo's guitars have been the standard for Rock and Roll and Country bands since their inception more than six decades ago. These guitars have changed very little from their original designs which is a testament to Leo's genius.

In 1951 Leo introduced his precision bass guitar. It was intended to replace the very large acoustic double basses which were bulky and difficult to transport. Unlike double basses Leo's precision bass was small and portable. Its solid body construction with a four magnet single coil electronic pickup allowed it to be amplified at high volumes without the feedback issues normally associated with acoustic instruments. Leo's p-bass was the first to be fretted like a guitar, hence the name, precision bass.

In 1955 Leo introduced two changes which continue to this day. The first was the contoured body which better fit the human form and was lighter. The second was the introduction of the now famous SUNBURST paint design.

This year (2011) in tribute to Leo's 1955 precision bass, FENDERS custom shop has produced fifteen limited editions to commemorate the 60th anniversary of this great guitar. Amazingly, while FENDER was producing the commemorative guitars they were also in the process of restoring our authentic 1955 precision bass. For those of you who want an original authenticated real deal 1955 p-bass this guitar is offered for your consideration.

This guitar has just finished a complete restoration by the FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORP. at their Nashville TN. facility. The decision to use FENDER for this restoration guaranteed that work to be performed met several of our objectives, one of which required Nitro Cellulose paint the same as used originally. Other objectives included;

*Certification of the guitar

*Certification of work performed

*Certification of component replacement

We believed that having FENDER do the restoration and certification of the guitar offered the highest level of restoration that we could achieve."

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