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Thursday, January 17, 2013


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"For your consideration is this vintage 1964 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar. This particular pre-CBS custom color Olympic White example with a matching headstock, serial number L14509, is in excellent 100% all original condition, and includes the original blonde hard shell case, a vintage strap, a N.O.S. vintage coil cable in the original bag, the original chrome bridge cover, the original tremolo arm, and the original hang tag! This no issues Olympic White Jazzmaster, is a highly attractive near mint example, perfect for players and collectors alike, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to own one of Fender’s finest fretted instruments for a very reasonable price.

This no-stories guitar was disassembled with the utmost care and we were attentive enough to put all of the original screws in their correspondingly original holes. (Please allow time for the 90+ high quality photos to load properly, enjoy!)

Serial Number: L46912
Neck Date: 4 AUG 64 B
Pot Codes: 304-6408 (Stackpole) 137-6419 (CTS)
Weight: 8 lbs. 1 oz. (with bridge cover)

This beautiful pre-CBS ’64 Fender Jazzmaster features: an incredibly well-preserved nitrocellulose Custom Color Olympic White finish over a light-weight alder body, a thick rich Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays on a maple neck, a transitional logo decal, an attractive tortoise pattern pickguard, original single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, robust gray bobbin large P-90-style single-coil pickups, the floating tremolo system with the original tremolo arm, a transitional finish application technique employing both 2-nails and a paint stick, the original bridge cover, all original hardware, the original brown vinyl case, and the original hang tag.

As explicitly detailed in the photo collection to the right, the guitar is in very excellent, near mint, cosmetic condition. This fine example displays absolutely zero weather-checking, which is both remarkable and gives the guitar a seemingly like new fresh appearance. Aside from several very insignificant dings that do not go through the finish to reveal the wood beneath, mostly confined to the side of the body from case wear, there is no playing wear whatsoever. The original neck finish is perfectly intact, though the matching white headstock appears to be the most worn, and has suffered various small nicks from free-floating case candy. There is no fret wear whatsoever, and the back of the neck is near pristine. The pickguard has shrunk just the slightest amount, and has not cracked, nor broken. Al of the hardware is quite clean, with a lustrous sheen like that of a new reissue.

This guitar is fantastic for players who prefer originality, as the frets will not need replacement, and the gray bobbin pickups are strong and sensitive. The finish shows a light patina resulting in an attractive cream color, which is almost perfectly intact. The hardware is perfectly functional. The guitar is light weight (8 lbs.), very resonant, and is as close as it gets to the quintessential pre-CBS Jazzmaster with regard to both form and function. Undeniably gorgeous with its Olympic White/Tortoise/Brazilian Rosewood cosmetic configuration, it is both stunning and exceptional."

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