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Monday, April 2, 2012

1967 Fender Telecaster Vintage Sherwood Green

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1967 Green Telecaster, with the original case. In well cared for condition. Theres a small amount of rust on the bridge and ferruls. Other than that its clean. The action is delightfully low,and resounding . Its character is shown by spiderweb crackling, and darkening which exdend to the edges of the unexposed surfaces , The age of the guitar points to a late transition tele with some traits from the pre-cbs such as kluson tuners , older decal design, threaded Saddles and flush body ferruls. 1966 potentiometer codes were common on 1966-68. In the book: 'Six Decades of the Fender Telecaster' , there is a picture of a very similar 1967 Sherwood Green Telecaster . This guitar weighs exactly 7 lbs. 8 oz ."

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