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Monday, May 14, 2012

RARE Vintage '35 Gibson E-150 Aluminum Electric Lap Steel

via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This is the '35 Gibson E-150 Aluminum Electric Lap Steel. 2.5" scale. 2" nut width. 9" bottom bout. Serial #: 123. In 1935, Gibson entered the electric market with the E-150. Gibson only made between 96 and 100 of the aluminum E-150 before switching over to the wood body EH-150. Serialization was said to begin at 100. No matter what the serial is, this is an extremely rare piece- but our 123 is the lowest serial I could find anywhere. The body is cast aluminum with a Christian bar magnet pickup and ebony board. The tone here is amazing- the aluminum body resonates beautifully and the Christian pickup has a nice focused but warm sound. The control layout is very simple- a single volume and tone control. This beauty is original inside and out- save for one knob. The bakelite knob in pics is the original- we will also include a almost identical bakelite repro for the tone pot. This E-150 is in fine condition- exceptional condition given that this beauty is nearing its 76th birthday. The electronics work perfectly. Included in the auction is the original tweed hardshell case."

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