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Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage 1960 Fender Custom Telecaster Sunburst Guitar w/ OHC

via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This guitar is an all original 1960 Fender Custom Telecaster in Sunburst. We think these are really beautiful guitars and this one is no exception. They were introduced by Fender in 1959 and had a 14 year run until 1972.

This 50 year old Custom Tele belies its true age. It does have its share of nicks and scratches but the sunburst finish is still really beautiful. The color has faded to an almost classic two-tone in the front and a three-tone sunburst on the back. The original “green” guard has no cracks in it, and the binding is also beautifully intact.

The rosewood slab board fingerboard is in great shape (and the grain pattern is ridiculous). The frets are original and have plenty of play wear left in them. The original tuners and the truss rod both work as intended. The neck is dated at 9/60.

The all original pickups on this 1960 sound awesome as you can imagine. They measure 5.58 k ohms for the bridge pickup and 6.18 k ohms for the neck pickup, both measured at the output jack. The electronics are untouched and the potentiometer code for the volume pot reads 36th week of 1960 while the tone pot’s code has been obscured by solder.

This Tele weighs in at an reasonable 7lbs 2 oz and will ship in her beautiful original brown tolex case. She will be professionally packed with care."

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