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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom Cherry Burst Signed by Ace Frehley?

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

via the listing: "This is a beat to death, vintage 1971 Les Paul Custom
I have owned this guitar for A VERY LONG TIME
When I bought it, it came as a three pick up model and of course, reminded me of what my favorite guitarist was slinging around.... Ace Frehley....

My guitar tech feels it is an original three pick up model (with full sized humbuckers) and that the guitar was never actually routed for the middle pickup.
Very rare.
I bought it because I was (and am) an Ace Frehley fan.

I decided to add all the Ace "touches" throughout the years including:

Grover Pearloid Tuners (difficult to find)
Gibson Speed Knobs
Cream Back Plates
DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickups
I also added the KISS logo to the original, and very beat up case.
There is also some other surprises I can include for the new owner....
small ones, but way cool surprises.....

and rather than stop here, I had a fellow E-bay turn it into a "SMOKER"
Yes... turn the volume knob, and this baby lights up and also smokes...

What's cooler than that?
Well... I had Ace sign the headstock.
For those that know me, know I am friendly with Ace..
I can provide pictures to the new owner of this guitar to those who don't....

I also bought a few hundred dollars worth of smoke cartridges etc which I will include with the guitar, along with directions on how to get her to smoke....

As I mentioned, the guitar is beat to death.. in other words, there is HEAVY weather checking, what MIGHT be a headstock repair (i am not sure), two holes plugged by a professional luthier and other dings... just like a real stage played 70s guitar should look like. I am also including the original pickups and other assorted parts that I believe to be original to the guitar.

The guitar PLAYS FANTASTIC. While it is a looker, it is also a great player.
And the ultimate guitar for anyone in a KISS tribute band.
It looks a lot like the Budokan, but it is the real deal in terms of a 70s Les Paul, and it smokes...literally!

I would not be selling this if I was not making room for something else..."

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