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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eric Clapton's 1969 Gibson L-5 N?

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1969 Gibson L-5 CEN One of only 55 Natural L-5 made in 1969. This guitar was owned by: Eric Clapton Used on: “From The Cradle” CD!! Not a reissue, replica, custom shop, relic or a clone, this is the real Deal! Serial number: 53XXX
, Gorgeous Natural finish, Light weather checking. I would rate this guitar a 9 out of 10, this is one cool issue free guitar! Everything on the guitar is 100% Stock, no issues, no changed parts, No cracks, Breaks, repairs, solder joints untouched, Original Tuners! No overspray, touchups or finish issues of any kind, it has not even been polished. It was purchased from a personal friend of Eric Clapton; this has NOT been sold though any of the Christies Crossroad auctions. Come with a Letter From Lee Dickson. The guitar is phenomenal! Once you play it, you know why Clapton bought it! Original frets are in great shape, almost no wear! Powerful & Well Balanced Pat. No. Pickups. Plays great with low action with no buzzing, no neck issues, it's straight with no twist or warps. The neck is the narrow 1 5/8" nut profile; it is thick in the back so the neck is very comfortable and easy to play. The pots turn freely with no noise. Eric Clapton guitars, rarely come up for sale, here is a chance to own a guitar that was used and owned by One of the Best Artist / Guitarist who ever lived!"

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