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Monday, August 13, 2012

1956 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"It looks as though the Bigsby was initially put on off center, and so it was reset. The second owner played the guitar in 2 bands through the 60's. From the late 60's until 2012 the guitar was home bound and barley touched. The guitar had no further modifications other than the Bigsby. The Electronics / solders are untouched.

The pots are original to the guitar. The neck volume and tone pot, and the bridge tone pot are Centralab. The bridge volume pot is a brass post pot that Gibson used prior and through 55' 56'. This was a transition period and both types of pots were used interchangeably at this time.

The P90's sound incredible. PAF who? You can get any sound you want from these baby's... from country twang in the bridge with the volume and tone on 10... roll the tone knob off a bit and get killer 50's - 60's rock tones. The neck pup is bluesy, full-clear-bodied, and harmonically rich. You can strum chords anywhere on the guitar and harmonics just sparkle through the air... unbelievable! I've owned too many Pauls with humbuckers to mention, and always searched for this harmonic richness, and lo and behold I find it in these P90's! The output of the bridge pup is around 7.4K and the neck is between 6.9K - 7K. If you love shaping tone by rolling of the volume and tone pots, you will love this guitar... tons of tonal variations. This guitar sounds great in the middle possition as well. To sum it up... the Bridge pickup sounds incredible, and the neck pickup is magical.

The neck is straight, the action is low, and although there is some fret wear, there is plenty of life left.... plenty left to dress up nicely if you want, although there is no need."

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