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Thursday, August 2, 2012

1957 GIBSON ES-175

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"Here is an amazing find, a Near Mint time capsule Vintage 1957 Gibson ES-175 that's all original and preserved in her original Lifton Hardshell case and just in phenomenal condition. Easily the cleanest one I've ever seen here at MusicGearama and a very special find if you are a collector of these iconic Gibsons from the very dawn of the modern jazz guitar.

Many who know their guitar history know that Ted McCarty was at the helm at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo in 1955 and drove a dream team of innovators trying new body styles like the Explorer, V, and Moderne while at the same time two engineers in the electronics department, Walter Fuller and Seth Lover were trying to build a pickup that would eliminate the troublesome hum endemic to the great sounding Gibson P-90 pickup. Lover famously succeeded in 1955 and is credited with the invention of what he dubbed the "humbucking" pickup which was first installed in solid body Les Paul models which were the genesis of the now iconic burst guitars of the late fifties and are some of the most collectible guitars on the planet today.

Humbuckers found their way into Spanish guitars via the first ES-175 in 1957 beginning at serial A-25000 according to Gibson historian Walter Carter. And here we have, at serial number A25685, one of these earliest examples of this historic model in unbelievable near mint condition. The warm round tones, punchy pickup, and Florentine cutaway of the P.A.F. equipped Gibson ES-175 soon was adopted by jazz players over the years like Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell, Joe Diorio, Toots Thielmans, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Herb Ellis, Howard Roberts, Jimmy Raney, blues great B.B. King, progressive rock musician Steve Howe and fusion pioneer Pat Metheny.

From the original owner, this particular instrument presents as completely original and is in truly extraordinary condition. From the near pristine finish, beautiful vibrant sunburst tones, lightly figured flamey top and back, and virtually untouched frets and fretboard - this guitar is a collectors dream and a tremendous early example of the model. And then, when in your lap or plugged into a good tube amp, one realizes what all the fuss is about. The guitar rings like a bell with a great deep round and resonant voice and draws you in completely."

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