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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1958 Vintage Rickenbacker Combo 850

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"This guitar comes with original Rickenbacker hang tag, old Rickenbacker string bag(no strings in there), vintage Rickenbacker cleaning cloth and other rare original items including an original 50's Grover leather strap that connects correctly to the screw hook in the back of the guitar. A very rare piece and in great condition. Overall, some extremely nice and rare case candy! In the last pic, it's next to my 1957 100% original Combo 800 blonde.

10 Aspects That Make This Guitar Very Collectible:

1. This guitar is documented as being 1 of only 3 Rickenbacker Combo 850's made in Maple-Glo in the year 1958.

2. This particular model (combo 850) had a very short life and was what most consider the true pinnacle of Rickenbacker guitars.

3. This guitar is rarer than John Lennon's famous Rickenbacker. His was 1 of 8 in Maple-Glo, this is 1 of 3.

4. This guitar has never been refinished in any way and that means the body, neck and fretboard is 100% original. It weighs 6.5 lbs or less! The patina on this wood IS TO DIE FOR! Perfect Golden-Maple aged patina actually matches the Bakelite switch tips! Fantastic!

5. This guitar has never had any breaks or cracks.

6. Includes original 1958 Rickenbacker Hardshell case with excellent condition Bakelite Handle.

7. All body hardware is 100% original and includes original Bakelite switch tips with excellent patina and condition, extremely-rare original horseshoe pickup(understand that Rickenbacker has over 10 different styles of horseshoe pickups and this particular one is super-rare), nice original toaster pickup, nice bridge cover, original tuner knobs(heavy!), original strap buttons with nice patina, original thick clear Bakelite/Resin with gold back pickguard is in perfect condition and rests perfectly on the guitar, original truss rod cover in the same Bakelite/Resin with gold back displaying "Rickenbacker" in crisp lettering etc. The only non-original item on guitar is the vintage Grover tuners. Just incredible condition for this age and rarity of a guitar.

8. The SOUND is like no other guitar as only a handful of Rickenbacker's have this combination of pickups not to mention highest quality hardware and woods etc. of the time in 1958. This guitar produces killer tones especially if you like blues and are play rythm guitar, this is the very best. Take my word for it.

9. This guitar was likely HAND-MADE by Roger Rossmeisl himself, the German guitar designer that built numerous other famours guitars such as the Fender Telecaster Thinline, Fender Coronado, The 1 of 1 1972 LUCITE Fender guitar owned by Beach Boys legend etc. He was the king of sculpted wood guitars, just look at the lines of this '58!

10. ALWAYS will retain value and is one of the few guitars that will likely climb in value or could be sold at auction with proper marketing and have 2 very interested buyers take the price through the roof.


This is the real deal - 1958 Rickenbacker Combo 850. It's one of only 3 and heavily documented. It can be found in the Rick resource site with serial code number.

This guitar has incredible patina and checking throughout and the MapleGlo literally glows like Tigers' eye rock. The super-thick old Brazilian rosewood fretboard sings and is a very fast fretboard. It is in amazingly clean condition like the entire guitar. The reason I purchased this guitar without batting an eye was of course the rarity, desire to hear the unique and rare tone but very high on the list was the fully original aspect - excluding the awesome vintage Grover tuners, this thing is 100%. You can pick up a pair of vintage 1958 single-line Klusons for $400 or so on Ebay if you choose to make 100% original.

The condition of the pickguard is very good with no cracks or warping. No crackling with the pots and the tones ring clear and true. This Combo 850 was the very top of the line and with the switches, provides 9 unique and amazing tones. After owning this, it's very hard to see her go as she has an incredible 50's vibe. Includes original vintage hardshell case which has one latch broken. The other side latch and center latch are in-tact and function well.

This guitar screams BEATLES on a whole new level and in fact is more rare than Lennon's as his was one of only eight Mapleglo's and this 1 of only 3. Based on the condition and original fretboard with no refinish and and absolutely no refinish on neck and body, you can quickly realize that this guitar has always been cared for and likely rarely played due to its high value and rarity even in the year of its production. This is a No-Excuses guitar. This is your chance to get one of the world's most rare and sought-after guitars in fantastic and play-every-day condition.

PS: Forgot to mention, this guitar weighs less than my original 1951 Fender Nocaster! I would say in the neighborhood of 6.5 lbs!"

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