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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gibson 1969 Les Paul Custom

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"ELECTRONICS: In 1970, the original bridge pickup ceased to function, and was rewound after a shorted coil. In 1979 it stopped working again, and was replaced with an original-equipment, period-correct pickup. The original is included, but does not work. In 1982, a new 3-way switch was installed, along with a leather washer to keep switch from spinning. Ingenious! At some unknown point the wiring harness from the volume pot up to the switch had been replaced with a new-style plastic-jacketed 4 conductor harness, and a new 1/4" jack was installed. In 2011, a new capacitor was installed.

HARDWARE: In 1973, the witch-hat knobs were replaced by speed knobs. New Grover gears were installed in 1975. Mounting holes for the original tuners still visible. At some point unknown, pickup mounting rings were replaced with new creme ones, along with a new pickguard. Like the 1/4 output jack, these were older repairs, judging by the patina of the parts. At some point the owner had a kill-switch installed along with a new pickguard mounting bracket. In 2011, the kill-switch was removed and plugged with a decorative adornment. Also replaced at the time was a seized-up intonation adjustment screw. Graph Tech saddles were installed in 2011 as well.

FINISH: All original finish, although at some point, probably in the 1970's, a back-ding was professionally drop-filled. Otherwise, numerous scratches and dings as you would expect, are fantastically original and lovingly preserved. Back of neck is worn down to the wood and feels great..."

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