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Monday, August 13, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"Up for auction here is a gorgeous May 1968 Rickenbacker 4001 bass. Except for a couple of later examples that were anomalies, this is one of the last ones equipped with a factory horseshoe pickup.

The pickup bobbin is original, but has had some surgery done to it. When I got it, it was really thin...not as tall as it should be. I think it was heated & pressed down to make it thinner so that extra magnets could be fitted between the HS & the base plate.

I'm sure this was done because the HS magnet got many of them do. I had the bobbin cut in half (lengthwise) & built up the middle to make it taller to spec. Oh, & there were two different kinds of pan heads pole-pieces in the bobbin...2 originals

& 2 that were slightly different, so I installed new (very close to spec) pan-heads. Now, the horseshoe magnets has been re-charged & the bobbin has been re-wound to vintage specs & all is good!

The neck does have stress cracks (mostly on the treble side of the neck) that were caused by over tightening the truss rods. This is fairly common to these old Ric basses as many luthiers think that you adjust the truss rods like you would a Fender.

The result is a partially popped fingerboard. The repair is old & well done. I've had the bass for a few years & it does not affect playability or tuning whatsoever.

Except for the re-wind, replaced high cut capacitor and a little bit of wiring, it's ALL original & VERY clean...see pics."

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