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Thursday, September 20, 2012

1951 Fender Nocaster

via this auction where you'll find more pics. According to the listing: "1951 Fender Nocaster that has been authenticated by Steve Pepper of Fender. You can see his email confirming this in the final pic along with other picture documentation of the guitar that comes with this guitar. All hardware and components are original to this guitar excluding the 2 pots which were replaced in the 70's. The guitar has an old refinish on the body as well as neck and the frets have been refretted to standard specs. A fantastic refinish and fret job to this guitar! The finish on the neck and body is checking nicely and the fretboard which has been refinished as well plays so easily it's amazing! The final aspect to cover is the pickups are original and have been expertly rewound by Lindy Fralin using all original components as standard with a careful rewind such as this rare guitar. You can see from the last picture that shows it's been stamped with "D" - a very nice neck indeed! I want to reiterate because often it's not carefully worded in a listing: All hardware is original to this guitar. So that would include the tuners, string tree(which has correct original flathead screw), nut, pickups, bridge plate, ALL screws(so rare! Including the coveted #5 screws - and all in godo condition!), original bakelite pickguard in amazing condition with paint can ring on underside!(picture upon request - didnt have enough room to add this pic), strap buttons with correct flathead screws, super-rare pineapple original tone knobs, switch and switch tip, neck plate and screws..etc."

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