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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1952 Gibson Hollow Body

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"According to Guitar Center this guitar doesn't exist. According to Gibson it does. Heritage Auction House said it "Looked to be" a 1952 ES-125. The serial number is a positive match to 1952 at "z 3222 2". This is truly an extremely rare early Gibson Hollow Body Electric. The body and neck are in surprisingly nice shape. She holds a solid tune, the intonation is easily set / adjusted, and the action is excellent (purely my opinion) low and quick. The neck is solid where it meets the body. No cracking or peeling. It comes with a vintage hardshell case (probably a gibson). Here are the issues. The tuning hardware has been replaced. The tremelo was an add-on. A short 4 inch stretch of ivoroid inlay may have been glued due to normal wear and tear for that particular spot. The electronics need work. I did not touch them. I wanted to present the guitar in as original condition as possible. I am aware that most collectors prefer to do their own restorations. With some patience and some hunting for parts, this could be brought back to near original condition, at which point it should make quite a nice little investment!!"

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