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Monday, September 24, 2012

1956 Fender Stratocaster

via this auction where you'll find more pics. "Things to note: 1. Guitar comes with 2 back trem cover, the original which you can see is off the guitar and still has all the corners in mint condition aside from the tiniest hair crack on one side barely can see and this cover also has been cut by the original owner to make putting strings on easier. I also spent over $1000 to purchase a MINTY 1956 original trem cover from Eddie Vegas which is currently on the guitar and has NO CRACKS and is CHERRY! That's as good as it gets for plastic on a '56 all bakelite. 2. There were different tuners on at one point but original are on now. They keep tune perfect and turn smoothly. There are tiny marks around each of the tuners but no extra screw holes in back. 3. There is a 5 way switch installed but original 1956 bakelite switch can clearly be seen in pic showing guitar in case. 4. Original 1956 bridge cover comes with this guitar as well as original 1956 case it came in which has ALL 3 latches and is MINTY, no smells perfect! 5. Guitar weighs 8 pounds 5.5 ounces - Alder body. Has "Ar" in back below neckplate under the clear coat. Looks niceley done and even, I like it. 6. Neck date reads 9/56 and body reads "11/55 Use For Color" below back trem cover and also "10/56" below the control plate. Both of these spots have been carefully preserved with original finish. It would be assumed that Fender saved the body for use on a custom color and maybe didn't actually get to assembling the guitar instead in original finish in October. Serial 11461. 7. No damage or even any heavy dents on this guitar. She is gorgeous with beautiful Maple patina neck checking very nicely! The soft V neck of this '56 is fantastic. This is some of Fender's highest quality in my opinion. 8. Pickups are ALL original, no rewinds. They sound fantastic in all of the 5 different settings. You won't believe your ears, like your tapping a bell every note. 9. Pots are original. All wiring original. Looks like there's a replacement claw wire or the cloth has come off..."

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