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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gibson Vintage 1963 ES-335 Sunburst Original

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1963 Gibson ES 335 Sunburst finish, with stop-tail, well-cared for, with a good deal of honest playing wear. Original finish is surprisingly good. Both front and back have no signs of trauma and only a minor number of nicks and scratches. It sounds fabulous, with a very distinctive clarity, and a voice of its own, plays like a dream & even sounds great un-amplified. Very lightweight, Mickey Mouse ears, no cracks, pat # humbuckers, slim 60s neck, lifton case. There are some normal wear and tear parts that have been replaced over the years. It has been re-fretted (original frets included), has some newer saddles, and there may be a pickguard bracket or part of one, that has been replaced, but the rest is pretty original. My best appraisal of this guitar is that it is a good playing, good sounding classic 63 335; worn, very close to all-original. Call it a 'player' if you like. I have never heard another that sounds like this one. I would describe it as more BB King timbre and clarity, than Alvin Lee power..."

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