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Monday, September 24, 2012

VOX Guitar Grand Prix 286

via this auction where you'll find more pics. "Here’s the story on this guitar: • A gentleman worked for Vox many years ago. He worked producing the Vox Grand Prix, Starstream & Ultrasonic models in 1967. • Thomas was unable to give its employees a raise that year, so they offered their employees a Vox guitar of their choice. This gentleman worked on the Vox Grand Prix line so he selected the 286. He said, “It’s the top of the line, why not select the highest priced one!” • The gentleman didn’t play guitar, he was just a builder of their guitars. He took the Vox Grand Prix home in its original cardboard box. Inside the box was a beautiful VOX plush hard-shell case. • Inside the case is the original Vox guitar strap (never taken out of the plastic), a blue Vox package with the cleaning cloth, the original Vox inspection tag dated -9 Nov 1967, the Vox warranty card and the operating instructions for the onboard controls. • The case has a very plush yellow/mustard interior with a compartment for cables, extra strings, picks, etc. The Vox Grand Prix is the RARE burgundy color with chrome. It has the pad on the back snapped to the body of the guitar in mint unused condition. • This guitar was taken home from the factory in the case that was in the box and stored under this gentleman’s bed and never used. Keep in mind, this gentleman was not a musician, but a builder of Vox guitars. • The gentleman passed away years later, and we have acquired this beautiful sounding work of art in MINT-ALL ORIGINAL-TIME CAPSULE-PRISTINE CONDITION. We can honestly say, we don’t think you can find a Vox GP 286 that looks like it just came off the factory floor in the entire WORLD! • We’re sad to say that we have to sell this amazing guitar, but happy to say that we want it to go to a person or band that will appreciate what this guitar is all about. A masterpiece! It was way ahead of its time, and to this day we don’t know of another guitar that replicates the on board electronics and functions this guitar has. It’s truly amazing, plus it’s brand new right out of 1967! How cool is that?! (Any marks you see on this guitar in the pictures are a result of glare from surrounding objects and natural light.) The photos were taken with an iPhone 4S at a short distance, so any tiny particles you see on the guitar is from dust particles. Rest assured, this guitar is MINT with NO cracks, scratches, dings, dents, belt rash, fingerboard ware, fret ware, chrome pitting, funky smells or any imperfections. It’s simply PERFECT. We can tell you that we were offered $8,500 for it 5 years ago from a gentleman vintage guitar collector in England, UK, but he passed away prior to us securing the deal. We have since had it appraised and in 2011 its worth was $9,100 + (without the hard-shell case and documents) so I’ll let you decide what it might be worth to you. We have to sell it as a complete package with the beautiful hard-shell case and the original cardboard box that the case came in. The cardboard box is in great condition with the Vox markings on the outside. It’s amazing, but this guitar never goes out of tune! It lives in the case in a controlled environment, non smoking studio with NO pets. It never sees any daylight, heat or humidity. The case is MINT. The box is MINT and the guitar is MINT. All the contents of the case are MINT. You’ll NEVER see another “time capsule” like this in your life! This is truly a chance in a lifetime to own this remarkable instrument."

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