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Thursday, October 4, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1954 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster, 2 tone Sunburst, not a reissue, custom shop relic or replica, this is a REAL 1954 Fender Stratocaster. First off I have to say that this is the First and only 54’ Hardtail I have even heard of!! 54’ Hardtails are VERY RARE! Remember, when released in the spring of 1954 the big deal about the Strat, was the Tremolo!!! Out of the research I have done Fender made one “Batch” (8-10) of Hardtail Strats, used for trade shows and in store Demos. The official release of the Hardtail was 1955!! I have seen a few with a 12-54 neck and 1-55 Body dates but never a mid production 54’ Hardtail. The neck and body dates are 9-54!! Pots dates are 30th week of 54’ 100k and 250k Solid shaft pots, short skirt knobs, Serial no:07XX. The guitar has an Ash body and weighs a super light 6 ½ Lbs. All the “Bakelite” (polystyrene) parts are original. The pickups have the reversed “D” and “G” magnets, The pickups read out at: 5.36 K Ohms in the bridge, 5.28 K Ohms in the middle and 5.89 K Ohms in the neck. The pickups are clear and powerful, not micro phonic, all the solder joints are original and untouched. This is an Amazing guitar!!! Low fast action, neck is straight with no twist or dead notes, original frets are in great shape, big beefy neck, it has the typical 54’ “Boat” neck, it is very comfortable and not a baseball bat. The guitar is in good shape for it’s age, I would rate it a 7 ½ on a scale from 1-10, Original finish, No oversprays or modifications. Comes the original bridge ashtray! Some of the chrome plating on the bridge plate has come off (Treble side). The tuners are Kluson “no name” Pat Appld.,.."

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