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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"For your consideration is this vintage 1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Gold Top” in 100% all original condition with the original Lifton "California Girl" hardshell case. This completely original, uncirculated, no issues, Les Paul Goldtop is in fine original condition, and features both the precise amount of mojo to be attractive and accessible, as well as, retain an utmost level of original integrity. In short, this GoldTop is a highly collectible investment quality instrument. This is a prime example of one of the best electric guitars ever made. This guitar is appropriately priced for a quick sale, so make us a strong offer before someone else intelligently opts for the Buy it Now!

Serial Number: 6 6899
Pickup Resistance: 8.03Ω (bridge), 7.95 (neck)
Weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.

As detailed in the aforementioned paragraph, this guitar exhibits: No breaks, No cracks, No repairs, No modifications, and No Issues whatsoever. All parts, all hardware, and all finish is original. With a cosmetic appearance that originally inspired the concept of “relicing” otherwise intact guitar finishes, this guitar has an ideal amount of natural and respectful playing wear. No Custom Shop imitation will ever replicate the authentic aesthetic of this original.

This example falls comfortably into the category of perfectly intact and original, yet, not too clean to keep one from enjoying what it has to offer... which is clearly the most important part. It is incredibly light weight, barely pushing the 8 pound threshold, and it seemingly sustains endlessly. The medium-sized soft C-shape neck profile is unbelievably comfortable, and the finish is still surprisingly intact, with no unsightly wear through to the mahogany wood. Both pickups are loud, robust, highly musical with incredible personality, and exude a sweet transparency."

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