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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"Completely unmolested, 100% original (not "eBay original"), real-deal vintage classic. This guitar was bought as a walk-in at the Arlington show, from the daughter of the original owner, by the well-known dealer I bought it from. So, outside of the dealer, I am the second owner, and have had it about ten years. The original owner's receipt is in the case pocket.

When I say 100% original, I mean it: wood, finish, pickups, plastic, electronics, frets, tuners, case, etc--everything. This guitar is also the Holy Grail vintage PAF Custom, in that it is an original stop-tail, and has never had a Bigsby. It is in great shape--usual dings and checking, and some playing/finish wear to the back of the neck. Speaking of the neck, the guitar walked in with a small, "smiley" headstock crack (NOT a break), which the dealer had fixed, prior to my purchase. It is an invisible, small repair, which does not detract from the guitar in any way.

This guitar plays like a dream, and the early PAFs sound just like you think they do. This is a big-league, original, PAF Les Paul, and has zero trouble hanging with an original Burst or PAF Goldtop. Whether you like Customs or not is up to you, but this will get you to PAF nirvana."

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