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Monday, October 22, 2012

1961 Fender Stack Knob Jazz Bass

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1961 Fender stack knob Jazz Bass that has been expertly refinished nitro in Inca Silver. The neck has also been refinished and re-decaled as well, however it still retains the original penciled "6-61" neck date. It has clay dots and an absolutely BEAUTIFUL extremely dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard. The neck plate is stamped serial number 63802. The bass still retains one of it's original 1961 dated CTS stacked pots....the other is a replacement dated to 1982. It also retains the original cloth wire pickups and it comes with it's original tortoiseshell pickguard (not pictured yet, working on getting that photo from the owner) as well as the mint green reissue guard you see here. There is a repaired hairline split in the wood beneath the low E string tuner (see close-up). It weighs exactly 9.2 pounds on my digital scale. It is professionally set up and plays beautifully. The neck is very straight and the bass sounds fantastic both acoustically and plugged in. Comes in a gig bag. A really nice player grade stack knob for a mere fraction of the price of an all original one."

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