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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gibson Explorer 1976 Limited Edition

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1976 Limited Edition Explorer from DJ's Music on W 31st St. in Cicero,IL.. The owner John bought it while at the NAMM guitar show.The NAMM show previews new products before they hit the general market. John called me since he knew I was a collector / friend and I bought it sight unseen knowing it was one of the first reissues of the famed 1958 Explorer. I contacted Gibson to see if it was preproduction. I gave them my serial # 00233989 and they verified it was one of the first and offered to send a letter of documentation. I declined thinking it really didn't matter since I wasn't planning on selling it.Never the less, after I received it I stuck it with the rest of my collection and very rarely played it. I never used this at practice or at a club because I wanted to keep it as clean as you see in the pictures and I knew it would get banged up if I did. This is the best condition 76 Explorer I have ever seen since I bought it over 36 years ago. It has been in an air conditioned and humidity controlled environment since purchased."

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