NOTE: These are not our guitars; just saving the images for history and showcasing what's out there.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top converted to a '59 Burst :

Body: original maple top refinished in a faded honeyburst, pickup cavities routed for humbuckers, stop tail piece conversion, back of body has a lot of wear & is refinished in a dark brown

Neck: beefy dimensions, original fingerboard & original inlays, refretted with jumbos, headstock / neck REPAIR (was broken), new headstock veneer & re-decaled , back of neck refinished in a very dark brown, no serial number

ORIGINAL GIBSON PARTS are: mid 60's square hole Gibson humbuckers with PAF decals, strap buttons, early 70's tail piece & bridge

ALL OTHER PARTS are NEW generic items ( = tuners, truss rod cover, nut , pickup rings, switch, switch tip, switch ring, jack plate, pots, knobs, screws, wiring, both back plates)"

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