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Monday, November 12, 2012


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" For your consideration is this vintage 1966 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 129892, is in very nice all original condition and includes the original hard shell case, the original gray instrument cable, the original ash tray bridge cover, and the original Fender polish cloth! This beautiful example features; an excellent maple neck with a maple cap fingerboard and transitional logo, a near pristine Blonde lacquer finish, and completely intact electronics. With a perfectly preserved Blonde nitrocellulose finish, which does not display even the slightest amount of weather-checking nor fading, the overall presentation of this Tele is quite exceptional. Perhaps even more impressive than the cosmetic condition, is the highly professional setup and playability. So not only will this guitar excite your sense of aesthetic, but it will stimulate your senses as well. Arguably better than a '50s Tele in many ways, what can't be refuted is that this is one of the absolute best examples of a maple cap Tele, for the lowest price.

Serial Number: 129892 (F plate)
Potentiometer Codes: 137 6611 (CTS)
Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz.

Very recently this guitar received a $1,000.00 pro setup, which included; new frets, a new bone nut, and optional brass saddles. Though the original threaded saddles and original nut are included as pictured, the previous owner opted to re-fret this otherwise near mint 100% all original '66 Tele. While some would feel this compromises the original integrity and investment value, the expensive pro service really rendered the Tele one of the absolute best player's possible. It represents a perfect opportunity to buy an incredibly attractive original example, without having to risk the consequences of making it the best performing Tele as well. The finish on the back of the neck and front of the fingerboard has been lightly sanded, to optimize comfort, and it really feels incredible.

The nitrocellulose Blonde finish is perfectly intact and veritably unfaded. It is very well-defined and quite beautiful. Amazingly, the finish also lacks typical weather-checking that can plague and compromise the finish integrity. The same coloring of the top is that which appears on the back, and the 3-piece Ash body is nicely showcased by the gorgeously preserved Blonde finish.

The guitar is quite light, and sounds fantastic. The pickups are evenly balanced and complement the guitar perfectly, capable of producing both Tele twang and rich single-coil tone. The guitar was re-strung with Pyramid .009s, and it is absolutely effortless to play."

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