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Monday, November 12, 2012

1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"Here's a late 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom. There is no volute or Made in USA stamp - all indicative of pre-1970. The Gibson inlay on the headstock has the open "b" and open "o"- also a pre-1970 trait. It has a long neck tenon, rounded walls in the control cavity and a 1 piece neck. The pots are newer- the caps could be the original and pretty rare kidney beans. The Patent sticker pickups are original. It has been refretted. The neck is straight and the truss rod is fully functional. The serial # is 531797.

The bridge is a newer tunomatic conversion. The tailpiece, tuners and knobs are original. The guitar has average playwear as seen in the pictures. The body has lots of checking, dings and buckle rash. The back of the neck has finish wear consistent with a 40+ year old guitar. It's been black lighted in the last few pictures and the finish is all original with no repairs. It weighs 9.8 lbs. Comes with a non-original Custom Shop hardshell case."

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