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Monday, November 12, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"GRUGGET CUSTOM ES335 GUITAR. Built by Bill Gruggett of MOSRITE. MINT. 1968. RARE...

This is my most prized GRUGGET GUITAR. I can't find a serial number on it. I was told by the seller, a resident of Bakersfield, CA that he bought this guitar from Bill Gruggett "in the late 60's". I have no reason to not believe him.
If true, and again I believe that to be true, it is quite rare ("By 1969, 126 Stradettes were built and 70 more traditional models like the ES-335s.")
The photos will tell you a lot about the guitar. It is in mint condition.
Here are some details:
PICKUPS: Appear to have been made by Bill. Look at photos.
HARDWARE: Gold plate.
BODY: Semi acoustic. ES335 double cutaway. Quilted maple. With binding.
NECK: Quilted Maple
TUNERS: Grover Gold.
TREMOLO: Bigsby.
FRETS: Jumbo
KNOBS: Hand carved maple wood.
SWITCHES: Two toggle. Pickup selectors.
Comes with hard shell case.
Semie Moseley is one of the true icons of American guitar history. His namesake guitar, the Mosrite, strikes a chord of rock music history for all us. The Ventures, the Ramones, Joe Maphis, and every artist who has played a Mosrite is part of this history.
Also, part of this Mosrite history are all of those luthiers who worked with Semie Mosely on the Mosrite guitar and later become well known luthiers on their own.
These include Semie's brother, Andy Moseley, Bill Gruggett (I have several of Bill's guitars that are astounding), Joe Hall (thanks for the Hallmark), E. F. Elliott (still doing it), Bruce Wilson, Gene Moles, and others.
Bill Gruggett started building guitars in Bakersfield, California in the early 60s. By 1961 about 35 of these and early models had been completed and today are known as his prototype guitars.
In 1962 he hooked up with another local guitar builder by the name of Semie Moseley. Moseley called his fledging guitar company Mosrite of California, and together they produced the first "Ventures" model guitars. For the next several years company grew as many changes took place in the guitar world.
In 1965, after leaving Mosrite, Bill went to work for another small company where approximately 40 guitars were produced all carrying the Hallmark logo. This short-lived company motivated Bill Gruggett to begin making his own hand-made instruments once again. His love for guitars continued and the backlog of work was never ending.
In 1967, Bill created Gruggett Manufacturing and introduced the all new "Stradette Model Guitar". Gruggett Stradettes have a particular place in the pantheon of vintage guitars due to their unique style. By 1969, 126 Stradettes were built and 70 more traditional models like the ES-335s. Approximately 300 guitars were partially built, but only around 120 instruments were completed before the company was forced to downsize in 1968.
Bill continues creating and restoring guitars today. His quality instruments are sought after by rock and country musicians."

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