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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Les Paul's wife, Mary Ford's 1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"A serious collector's piece of history tied to a man whose personal instruments rarely surface for sale. Well documented both as a player and piece cherished for decades by Mary Ford. Mary Ford was wife and music duet partner of Les Paul. Personally owned by Mary Ford, this guitar is well documented and used by Mary and Les on photo shoots, album covers and recording sessions etc. It was her player guitar and still has a partial set list taped to the back. This 1961 Les Paul Custom is the (SG) body style, (the name changed to SG in 1963). The serial number is 103367 as it appears in the Les Paul Legacy book 1915-1963 on page 268. The two book hardcover set with sleeve will be included in the sale. The guitar first appeared on the History Channel's Pawn Stars Jan. 23, 2012 season 5 episode 18. It has been written up by ebay, Time magazine Mar. 2012 Page 54. It is the Sept 2012 cover story on Vintage Guitar Magazine with a two page spread on pgs. 30 and 31., copies of these magazines are included in the sale. A 16 page email with pictures from Allen Lane, a guitar tech very familiar with this guitar who further documents it. The guitar itself is a white 1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom (SG style). This top of the line guitar features extra nice peghead inlay, 1st fret inlay, triple original PAF pickups, ebony peghead overlay and ebony fret board, bound neck and head stock, folding whammy bar and comes in OHSC. Mary's white leather guitar strap is also included. This guitar was evaluated and assessed at between $150,000.00 - $250,000.00 by Jesse Amoroso of Cowtown Guitars in Las Vegas on The Pawn Stars show. When Mary Ford's nephew sold this guitar he included a 1951 file folder full of personal correspondence between Les Paul, his agent, friend and other individuals. This file is included with the sale. There are hand written and typed letters signed by Les Paul. These were authenticated by a handwriting expert on the Pawn Stars show valued at $10,000.00. There is an original contract, photos, an album and record sleeve that picture this guitar. These items are fun to read and give great incite into thier lives and touring schedules at that time. We are first people to own this guitar outside of Mary's family and it is in unchanged condition..."

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