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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Signed 1953 Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet

via this auction where you'll find more pics.

"This is a VERY RARE Signed Rock & ROLL Historical Guitar. This ORIGINAL 1953 GRETSCH Duo Jet DEBUT 6128 model (One of ONLY 150 EARLY Duo-Jets produced) Electric Guitar with fixed Bigsby was used by Russell Williford with Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps in 1956-57. Russell was known for his 1952 Fender Esquire which he used in the 1956 Movie "The Girl Can't Help It". But in late 1956 Russell bought this 1953 Gretsch Guitar after playing his friend & former Blue Cap Cliff Gallup's 1956 Gretsch Duo Jet and really liked the feel & the sound of it. Russell showed Cliff his 1953 Gretsch Duo-Jet and Cliff Gallup played a little on this very Guitar in 1958. Russell also played this Guitar on the Grand Ole Opry with such greats as Tex Ritter, Stonewall Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens and shows with Patsy Cline in Virginia and sessions in Nashville with Chet Atkins.

Gretsch experts tell me The serial number on the inside of the Guitar which is #12016 makes it one of the DEBUT Batches of the Duo-Jets consisting of SERIAL #'s 11900-12050 (ONLY 150 Made). This Gretsch has TWO DeArmond single Coil pickups Gretsch Dynasonic (Fidela-tone), Metal Compensating Bigsby Bridge, Bigsby Orginial Fixed arm that is factory fitted on CUSTOM orders only and Very Rare. The Original black paint inside the Bigsby has worn off. Guitar is in great condition with usual wear for a 59 year old Guitar. It may have had the Fingerboard replaced in the 1950s. Gretsch had a problem with some of the early 1950's Fingerboards and replaced them for free under warranty. One Knob is missing. About 25 years ago it had a light clear coat put over the wood. The small plastic cover where the Tuning keys are (S-60 on cover) has been replaced. This Classic Gretsch Guitar plays & sounds great! Such Greats as George Harrison, Jeff Beck, Cliff Gallup used Duo-Jets.

Russell SIGNED this 1953 Gretsch in Silver Paint Pen in October 2012. Russell now 79 years old still lives in the Portsmouth Virginia area & stills plays guitar doing some shows around the very area where it all started for Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps in 1956. You will also receive the picture above showing Russell playing this 1953 Gretsch at the Copa Cabana in 1962 and Russell will sign it for you. The other picture shows Russell playing with Gene Vincent in the 1956 Movie " THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT". Russell is also pictured on many of Gene Vincent's early album covers and in most publicity shots of Gene & the Blue Caps in the mid-late 50's.

Russell was Good friends with Gene Vincent & replaced his Portsmouth Virginia area friend & Guitar legend Cliff Gallup in the Fall of 1956 and played into 1957 with Gene touring the USA and Canada. Russell had worked earlier in 1953-1954 in Korea serving in the US Military and grooming a young 17 year old & future Music GREAT named ROGER MILLER. Russell did the first ever music recordings of Roger playing fiddle & singing in Seoul Korea in October 1954 & he still possess these Rare recordings. Russell & Roger did a Radio show in Seoul for the Armed Forces Radio and remained friends after the War. Russell led the Go-Boys in the late 1950's with Phil Gray & playing around the Baltimore/Washington DC area in the 1960's with Dudley Calicutt, Roy Clark & Charlie Daniels & his group the Palisades who played at the World Famous Copa Cabanna in New York City playing opposite of Wayne Newton. Russell played with such greats as Patsy Cline, Lefty Frizzell also in the 60's. In 1972 he went to Nashville Tennessee and played on the Grand Ole Opry with TEX RITTER. After Tex died he played for years with Stonewall Jackson & others like Randy Parton (Dolly's Brother), Tommy Cash (Johnny's Brother), Little Jimmy Dickens, Justin Tubb, and while in Nashville did many recording studio sessions with Guitar GREAT CHET ATKINS. Russell said his greatest compliment as a guitar player came from CHET ATKINS who told Russell he really loved his guitar playing!!!

In Maybe the last Performance of GENE VINCENT in the Fall of 1971, Gene came to Virginia to visit friends & family & went to see Russell playing at a Hot spot in the late 60's early 70's called O'hara's on the Beach in Norfolk/Virginia Beach. GENE got up on stage and did several songs & Rocked like the Gene Vincent of the 50's. Russell said the crowd went WILD!!!!! Gene told Russell he wanted to get the Blue Caps back together again and Russell was excited, but Gene died shortly after that in October 1971."

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