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Thursday, December 6, 2012


via this auction where you'll find more pics.
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"This 1959 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster is just about all original. There was an extra string tree added at one time that has been removed and filled. A few saddle height screws have been replaced and some springs have been added. A few solder joints have been touched up as well. The original input jack plate and neck plates are included with this guitar though we have added replacements for them for photos as the original owner scratched his name and SS# into them. The neck plate is a Callaham repro. This was, obviously, long before the days of identify theft. There is an additional ground solder joint on the mid tone pot that is no longer in use.
* There is a small chamber edge on the inside "shoulder" rout to accommodate electronics. It is possible that this is from the factory since this wasn't an exact science in '59 and they were experimenting with pickguards at that time, but there is no finish on it.
* Further, this guitar features an original 10 hole single ply pickguard in excellent condition which is very rare. In mid 1959, Fender was experimenting with 9 & 10 hole pickguards before switching over to the 3 ply 11 hole guard. This change also incurred the switch from "bakelite" (white single ply) to celluloid (3 ply) plastic which turns yellow and green due to the UV reactive properties.
The maple neck has never been sanded or oversprayed and features a C shape, Spaghetti logo, slab rosewood fretboard, clay dot inlays, a 7.25" radius and the original frets.
The original black back hand wound single coil pickups measure as follows:
Neck - 5.63k
Mid - 6.17k
Bridge - 5.73k
This Strat comes with it's original 3 way switch, white "chicklet" capacitor, trem arm and strap buttons.
This guitar comes with the ORIGINAL STRAP AND HAND WRITTEN BILL OF SALE with serial number from 1959! It is in excellent condition and suitable for framing. Purchased in Dallas, Texas on September, 19, 1959 for $528.75.
Serial number on original neck plate # 39423. Weight is 7.4 pounds. All pots read 304920 = 304 Stackpole 20th week of 1959
This 1959 Fender Stratocaster comes with its original tweed hard shell case."

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