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Thursday, January 10, 2013


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"For your consideration is this vintage 1961 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This incredibly rare 100% all original example, serial number 59177, features a custom color Fiesta Red finish applied over an equally rare Ash body. This variety custom color slab board Strat is particularly rare, and even though such exotic colors were available, they did not become slightly more prevalent until 1963 and later, which makes any slab board (or earlier) Strat in any custom color quite special. While this is an incredibly rare guitar in an incredible 100% original configuration (Fiesta Red on Ash), it is in objectively poor condition, with the following cosmetic issues; significant paint loss from flaking, unbelievable amounts of smoke damage and residue, plastic parts with advanced patina, and serious playing wear. Since there are no structural issues, no repairs, no breaks, nor replaced parts, the gutiar is still quite the specimen, however, these cosmetic shortcomings inevitably impact both the collectibility and functionality. Perfect for the discerning player with an interest in originality or the collector who doesn't want to put miles on their clean example, this is a great opportunity to get a bargain slab board custom color Strat for approximately half the price of a better condition example of the exact same guitar.

Yes, this is arguably the rarest Slab Board Custom Color Strat configuration, as most other colors were typically applied to regular Alder bodies. This un-circulated, original owner, instrument is; filthy, faded, played, and worn to a degree that is both enthralling and clearly storied. Not only is this an amazing guitar, but it was used in amazing ways, and the level and type of wear attest to such. I have not adjusted a single part on this guitar, nor have I considered cleaning it. All of the dirt, sweat, grime, pock marks from rhinestones around the perimeter of the headstock, and cigarette smoke discoloration, will be on the guitar when you get it. I have not seen a similar guitar made available for sale online, so take advantage of this potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy one of the coolest guitars of all time.

Serial Number: 59177
Neck Date: 3-61
Pot Codes: 304-6104
Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz.
Pickup Resistance: 5.73Ω (neck), 5.73Ω (middle), 5.73Ω (bridge) [perfectly matched]

As mentioned this guitar is in poor 100% all original condition. The original neck finish is perhaps the most yellowed from smoke of any we've seen. The same exposure to smoke that made the back of the headstock almost black in several places, is that which caused the original mint green pickguard to turn both orange and neon green in places. Prior to '63, this type of custom color finish was applied without a clear coat, and unfortunately, that technique does not respond well when exposed to such abrasive elements. In many places, both weather and wear reveal the yellow fullerplast coating underneath. Most of the original hardware exhibits rust, oxidation, and unparalleled patina.

As of now, the paint is extremely dry, and continues to flake. It is extremely unstable, fragile, and will disintegrate under almost any contact. We advise against the application of overspray to preserve the original finish, however, please be aware that this will continue to be an issue.

As far as playabillity, the neck feels absolutely amazing. It has been worn down to the maple, and there is no finish remaining on the majority of the back of the neck. All three pickups are miraculously matched perfectly, the rarity of which might be almost incalculable. The factory shim is necessary, and we would encourage an additional one for a real setup. The guitar sounds great and the Ash body is light and resonant.

The guitar includes the original brown case, which is literally falling apart. It appears that for many years, a vintage brown belt has been used to secure the case, and keep it from opening. All of the latches are not functional, and the bottom piece is missing..."

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