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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


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"For your consideration is this vintage 1966 Fender Jaguar electric guitar. This particular custom color example, serial number 156989, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, and includes the original case, original hangtag with warranty card, original tremolo arm, original bridge cover, original case keys, original Fender polish cloth, original tuning tool, and the original Fender strings. The Jaguar was Fender’s top-of -the-line guitar, and featured a very advanced electronic arrangement which was intended to make it the most dynamic guitar offered, but this incredibly rare example also features every single additional upgrade, including; a custom color Lake Placid Blue finish, a maple cap fingerboard, and gold hardware. Most certainly a special order instrument, this would have been the most expensive guitar Fender offered at the time. It is unlikely that even the most prodigious Fender collections include such an incredible specimen, so this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind guitar!

Serial Number: 156989 (F plate)
Potentiometer Codes: 137-6549
Weight: 8 lbs. 8 oz.

Preserved in near impeccable condition, this Jaguar remains in extremely excellent 9+/10 cosmetic shape. With several random superficial dings caused from free-floating extraneous case candy, the back of the body is otherwise perfect. The unfaded polyurethane finish is vibrant and very attractive, and even the gold hardware retains its original golden yellow shine.

While the original owner, lead singer of the wedding band The Reflections, claimed to have ordered this guitar in 1966, he didn't remember exactly when he took receipt of it. Interestingly, just as such a custom piece would be expected, it features a combination of rare transitional features, which indicates it was most likely completed in 1968. With colored wire of both plastic and cloth kinds, such a detail would be specific to an early '68 instrument, and since both the neck and body share a polyurethane finish, those would have been completed sometime in late-'67 to early-'68. While the CTS pot codes indicate a late-'65 production, it was common practice for Fender to utilize pots, especially those with '66 codes, for almost 5 years after they were ordered. Since there was never a neck date stamp issued on the neck heel of the guitar, nor a body date, it is rather difficult to assess exactly when it was made.

The large profile deep neck shape is extremely comfortable, and the action is fantastic. The guitar is average weight, and the overall playability is excellent. While it was played lightly, it was very respected, and taken care of extremely well. It comes with additional accessories, such as, a stack of the previous owners' band's business cards, the deluxe large 3' black & gold guitar strap, the original instrument coily cable, and some extra Fender strings."

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