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Thursday, January 10, 2013


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"For your consideration is this vintage 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 22973, is in very excellent completely original condition and includes the extremely rare original 5-latch brown hard case with pink interior! This 1st-year production example features; a very rare hand-rubbed cherry red finish, a Maestro sideways vibrola, (2) original PAF humbucking pickups, an ABR-1 bridge, the earlier smooth neck/body joint, a very low production ink-stamped serial number, the aforementioned 5-latch brown case, and all original parts/hardware. Having achieved prices exceeding $30,000 within recent history, SG Les Pauls are currently the best bargain vintage guitar investment available. Pairs of PAF pickups alone have sold for over $15,000.00, so don't miss out on the opportunity to buy an incredible instrument before the global economy becomes robust enough to justify prices that reflect their actual value!

Serial Number: 22973
Pickup Resistance: 7.54Ω (bridge) 7.63Ω (neck)
Weight: 6 lbs. 14 oz.

The ’61 Gibson SG Les Paul didn’t just inherit the Les Paul designation, it also received: long-magnet PAF pickups with nickel covers, an identical electronic arrangement, an ABR-1 tun-o-matic, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with trapezoiud inlays, single-line Kluson Deluxe double-ring tuners, and chrome insert top hat knobs.

This beautiful no issues example is in very clean original condition. It exhibits expected playing wear, various superficial scratches that are not through the lacquer finish, several dings and dents and the usual patina and oxidation of metal hardware.

This beautifully preserved specimen has never been modified, broken, repaired nor restored. Every part is original to the guitar, and it is perfect for both players and collectors alike. The original pickup covers were removed and polished to rid of oxidation. Unfortunately, it tarnished the covers in an unattractive manner, and though they are unsightly, are included in the sale.

The neck features an exceptional shallow D-shape profile, and also has original factory large frets. The original hand-rubbed cherry red finish exhibits absolutely minimal fading, and the original cherry finish is amongst the most vibrant of the best examples available today. All of the electronics are original, as are the corresponding solder joints.

Everything about this guitar is great, and the tone is undeniable. This very light example weighs less than 7 lbs! With resonane that vibrates in your hands, this SG will complement any amp. Now is the time to get a great deal on vintage PAF Gibson guitars, especially this one. Early-60s SGs are incredible bargains at the moment, so hurry before they go up in value again!.."

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