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Monday, January 14, 2013


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"For your consideration is this vintage 1963 Fender Jazz Bass guitar. This particular Custom Color example, serial number 90117, is in 100% all original condition. With an extremely rare configuration of both original Blonde nitrocellulose finish and an Ash body, this bass doesn't just look incredible, but it plays beautifully and sounds exceptional. In addition to its immensely rare finish and body combination, this bass was procured from a dealer who purchased it from the original owner's family, and the bass also includes; the original hang tag with corresponding serial number, the original Tolex case tag, a copy of the original owner's album by his band "The Fabulous Elegants," and the original brown case with orange interior. Suggesting that a blonde custom color Jazz Bass with an Ash body, such as this, is rare almost marginalizes exactly how difficult it would be to find another. The only other similar available example is being advertised for sale at $30,000.00, so Fender collectors and Jazz Bass enthusiasts alike should take advantage of this highly unique and next-to-impossible opportunity to buy one of the best electric basses ever made.

Serial Number: 90117
Neck Date Stamp: JAN 63
Pot Codes: 304-6320 (Stackpole, May '63)
Pickup Resistance: 7.53Ω(bridge)/ 7.47Ω(neck)
Weight: 9 lbs. 7 oz.

This pre-CBS '63 Fender Jazz Bass is in very nice 100% all original vintage cosmetic condition and features all original parts, including: the original custom color Blonde nitrocellulose finish over an Ash body, a maple neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, clay dot inlays, a tortoise shell material pickguard, reverse tuning machines, original pickups, original pots, original bridge and pickup covers, original individual mutes, original frets, original hardware, the original brown case, several original tags, and a photo of the bass on the original owner's album.

Though this bass exhibits expected playing wear in certain isolated areas, it is quite clear that this one owner instrument was very well-respected and used quite lovingly. With finish wear on the back of the neck, a small buckle rash on the back of the body, arm wear, case wear on the sides, as well as, very mild oxidation on the metal parts, this guitar features an overall very attractive subtle mojo that exudes an authentic aging in the style of refined relicing. Aside from a seemingly inevitable delicate low-E tuner split, which as the close-ups illustrate is not a crack and has been stable for decades, this bass is in 100% original unmodified condition with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, nor modifications.

The barely translucent Blonde finish appears to have been applied twice, which results in wear revealing a slightly darker shade of the same color, with the grain of the Ash body having a very minimal presence. While mistaking Blonde for Olympic White, and vice-versa, has always been quite common, this bass is definitively Blonde, as is clearly indicated by the appearance of the finish in cavities, routs, under the pickguard, and on the back of the body.

The bass sounds absolutely amazing. While the earlier concentric stack-knob variety might be considered more collectible, this VVT (volume, volume, tone/3-knob) arrangement is far superior, and players like Jaco Pasotrius and Bobby Vega, went out of their way to convert their stack-knob Jazz Basses to this 3-knob layout, which became standard in '62. Consensus online agrees, and the tone of Jazz Basses with the electronic configurations is considered the better of the two, and this particular example easily exemplifies such sentiment. Moreover, the Ash body actually enhances the presence and punch, while retaining a thick and thumpy foundation.

The bass has a very straight neck with slight relief, which makes playability with the fresh Pyramid longscale faltwounds absolutely optimal. Effortless to play, while producing amazing tone, this is a seriously addictive bass, and once you pick it up, it will be difficult to put down. Both pickups are equally balanced and high output, and even the original mutes are intact enough to substantially and consistently reduce sustain."

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