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Monday, January 21, 2013


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"For sale is this vintage 1965 Mosrite of California The Ventures Model (Mark) II electric guitar. This particular example, serial number B126, is in excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original hard shell case! Due to the fact that this model was famously used by Johnny Ramone, as well as, produced in mythically minimal quantities, this incredibly scarce model has achieved a glorified status approaching fabled folklore. Originally intended to be Semie Moseley's answer (the original concept for which was actually storied to be the brainchild of Semie's brother Andy) to other manufacturer's budget/student models, the simple slab body design failed to live up to Semie's expectations, which resulted in a seemingly immediate halt to production. This original Mosrite Mark II would quickly be replaced with a design much more reflective of Semie's sensibilities, including; a German-carve top, deluxe "Mosrite" stamped pickups, an advanced Vibromute-inspired tailpiece, and other Ventures-style hardware. While experts estimate production to certainly be within double-digits, a more refined approximation suggests less than 50 were ever made, with only about 15 having been documented. Inspired by the two Model II guitars owned by Johnny Ramone, recent reissues have fetched upward of $3,600.00, with original production examples having sold for upward of $10,000.00. Mosrite enthusiasts and gutiar experts alike will attest to the incredible improbability of finding another, so don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a veritable piece of musical instrument history.

Serial Number: B126
Neck Stamp: JUL 31 1965
Potentiometer Codes: 1346527 (CentraLab)
Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz.

John Cummings, otherwise known as Johnny Ramone, actually owned two different Mosrite Model II guitars. When his original MKII was stolen in 1977, he was able to purchase an additional one. Seemingly inseparable from his Model II, this little known model quickly became both an iconic punk symbol and an integral component of his identity. Rarely has a guitarist been associated with a single model throughout the entirety of their respective career, yet, Johnny Ramone committed to playing only this guitar. In life as in death, Ramone's likeness was inextricably paired with his beloved Model II for his final resting place, represented on a tombstone in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

This all original '65 Mosrite Ventures Model II features; a slab body construction with a 3-tone (black/red/yellow) sunburst finish, a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, (2) original single-coil black soap bar pickups, a prototypical tremolo tailpiece design, double-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines withe plastic buttons, a single-ply pickguard, original saucer-shaped chrome control knobs with rubber rings, an original 2-way selector switch with original metal switch tip, original strap pins, original Ventures-style bridge, all original hardware, and the original gray case with red interior.

According to the previous owner, this guitar came from Mosrite with an original trussrod access plate, affixed behind the neck pickup with 2 screws. It is a crude approach, but it matches the guitar in finish quality, and also happens to resemble the factory plastic shim in the neck pocket. Furthermore, the screws match both in style and in patina. We have not seen another like this, but judging my its relatively late production in the batch, it is probably that Semie Moseley was experimenting with an easy way to adjust the truss rod if necessary.

This uncirculated example was supposedly purchased new in Los Angeles in late-'65, and the original owner used it a bit in the '60s but later sent it to storage. With minimal playing wear, and lots of indentations from blue jean rivets on the back of the body, it is evident that while not abused, the previous owner consistently used this instrument for a period, and having spent hours playing this guitar, it became obvious as to why. The unassuming black single-coil pickups are so unbelievably amazing, with a highly musical organic tone unlike any other single-coil pickup, this Mosrite sounds better than a Strat, a Tele, a Les Paul Special, etc., and it's a shame Mosrite didn't make more because this guitar sounds better than virtually all others. It's confusingly great in an awe-inspiring way, and despite what some would assume, based upon it being a limited budget production, this guitar is undeniably special."

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