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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1965 Gibson Firebird V-12 XII String Electric

via this auction
"Here's a pretty rare 1965 Gibson Firebird 12 string in a factory original sunburst finish. This guitar is in pretty nice condition for being around almost 50 years old. It has no headstock breaks, cracks or repairs. It's not perfect, but aside from some small chips on the back- it's in very nice condition. Overall, the finish on the top is glossy, clean and has light playwear. The pots date to the 20th week of 1965. No funky odors or mods. All the electronics work as intended.

It has just been detailed. The front, back, sides and neck were waxed and buffed with a high grade carnuba wax. The frets were polished and the fingerboard was cleaned, buffed and moisturized with an instrument grade lemon oil. It was set up with a fresh set of strings, adjusted and plays very nicely. All the electronics work well. Comes with the original Gibson case- also in very nice condition except for a broken buckle. It will be shipped with 2 cases-including a newer and safer case just to ensure the safety of this guitar..."

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