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Monday, April 1, 2013

Steven Seagal 1957 Vintage Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Blonde Finish

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"We took this 1957 Fender Stratocaster sn# -229XX in trade from actor, martial artist, and musician Steven Seagal. When Mr. Seagal purchased this guitar he had jumbo frets installed…our own John Bertsche has done his magic and put it back to stock size frets….so the frets are new.

We’ve said it many times and it still rings true. When a guitar looks like it has been played and played and played…there’s a good reason for it. This is one of the best sounding and playing strats we have ever had. The custom color blonde finish on this 53 year old screamer has checking on its checking. It looks just awesome! It’s got so much vibe we wouldn’t be surprised if it started playing by itself.

This blonde weighs in at a svelte 7 lbs 4 oz. and although she has been through a lot, other than new frets, she has managed to maintain her integrity as well as her originality. Tuners and truss rod work as intended. Tough to tell, but we think the neck date reads 10/57 and the body date is definitely 8/57. The three smokin’ original pickups read 5.55 k ohms for the bridge pickup, 5.63 k ohms for the middle, and 5.52 k ohms for the neck pickup, all measured at the output jack. Two of the potentiometer codes read 23rd week of 1957, one has solder over part of the code and reads…2? week of 1957. The factory original 3-way pickup selector switch works as intended…the solder joints are pristine."

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