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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1961 Gibson SG Standard 61 Les Paul

via this auction

"Not a replica, relic or reproduction, this is the real deal from 1961 nickel plated parts. This is for the player! 5 Digit Serial no: 15XXX. The guitar suffers a neck separation that was professionally repaired, it may not look pretty but it is a solid repair. Big Wide Neck, not too thin, it's like a good 1960 Burst neck! The guitar is RESONATE! Harmonic and warm! It's a Burst Contender for sure! Most all the important parts have been replaced with Great reproduction parts: Gibson Historic Spec no wire nickel ABR-1 Bridge. Seymour Duncan Antiquity PAF Humbuckers. 500K CTS pots and switchcraft swith with tip, Vintage reproduction Knobs, Reproduction “Les Paul” Trussrod cover, New Single Line Kluson, single ring Tuners and bushings (No other tuners were on, so no extra holes or enlarging of any of the holes) All the screws besides the ones for the Side to side bridge. No input jack or headstock Cracks. The Original parts are: Nickel Side to side tremolo, pick guard, Finish, Inlays, back plates. The original frets are in great shape, the guitar really sounds amazing! Stays in tune like a champ! Comes with an SKB hard case..."

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