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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage 1962 Gibson ES-345 Owned & Played by J. Geils

via this auction

"This original, STOP TAIL PIECE, ES-345 was J. Geils main guitar for ten years. He said he loved "BB King" and wanted a guitar like BBs but couldn't afford a new ES-355. Sam Ash had just gotten this guitar in and he grabbed it, never to leave his side until now, fifty years later!. He played and recorded with this guitar exclusively and it is featured on all of his earlier hits. For a "J Geils" fan, these were his best years when the group recorded all of their best records.

The tuners have been changed and "J Geils" had the original hardware re-plated so it looks beautiful; the rest of the guitar is 100% original. The guitar is amazing sounding and playing with a very comfortable flatter neck profile. Under the hood are the original great sounding "pafs"! (as in both of them!) Very light for an ES-345 at 8 lbs., 13.8 oz. It comes with a non-original Gibson hardshell case.

Along with his "Burst" this ES 345 was the only other guitar featured in a Vintage guitar exclusive article on "J Geils". He owned this guitar for 50 years and spoke very highly of it as being his favorite.

All documentation and provenance comes with it including a signed letter directly from "J Geils". This beautiful historical guitar was purchased directly from him so "practically" speaking who ever purchases it will be the only other owner."

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