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Monday, June 3, 2013

1958 Gibson Les Paul

via this auction

"1952/19587 Terry Mueller 1958 Conversion Les Paul GT: This is a Terry Mueller conversion which started life as a 53 Goldtop. It still has its original finish front and back! The 58’ modifications include a reset neck to 58’ angle and specs, refret to wider 59’ frets PAF Humbucker PUP’s, stop bar, a Tune O Matic, complete original finish as stated earlier. All work was done by Terry Mueller and anyone in the “Biz” knows the top two conversion luthiers were Terry Mueller and of course Chris Mirabella …and I say “were” because neither of them are doing conversions any longer.

This guitar in the industry is referred to as “Mueller Conversion,” by astute members of the guitar community. This beauty has mostly original 50’s parts including: original finish front and back, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, back plastic, inlays, knobs, jack & jack plate, harness, pots, knobs, tuners, switch, switch tip, hardware, screws, PAF’s & original 50’s bridge.

Non-Original: Stop bar, studs, strap button, PUP rings, pick guard is a Mueller special (?), also historic bridge in case, thumb wheels, & 60's switch ring. Guitars comes in a 70’s protector chainsaw case..."

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