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Friday, June 21, 2013

1961 Gibson SG Custom

via this auction

"This is a very cool Gibson SG Custom from 1961. It plays and sounds great, but has several non original parts so please read everything. The pickups (which were original PAFs) were replaced long before I got it, and it is loaded with 3 vintage Gibson pickups, 1 patent sticker, and 2 patent stamp pickups. Also, the bridge is not original. The tuners are original Grovers. The sideways tremolo is original but the plate is nickel and the rest is gold. The gold is original to the guitar and the cover plate is an original coverplate but nickel instead of gold. The knobs and pots are original. The finish is original except there is one filled hole in the middle of the knobs that was touched up over ten years ago and is very difficult to see. The pickguard and backplate are original but the little piece of plastic between the neck pickup and the fretboard is not. There are no breaks or repairs besides the filled hole. The guitar is pro setup and ready to go. The original frets are fretless wonder frets and on the small side but thats just how they came. It comes with the original hard case which is covered in cool vintage stickers..."

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